8 Sepia Photoshop Filters

8 Sepia Photoshop Filters

Photoshop ATN | 8 Actions | 7 MB

How do I change a photo to sepia in Photoshop?
–- It’s easy! Use the Sepia Photo Filter to create a soft sepia effect. The Sepia filter is preset Photoshop filter.

–- Open the image in Photoshop.
–- Make the image black and white (Go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate or Black&White)
–- Go to Image > Adjustments > Photo Filter and choose Sepia

–- To create realistic sepia photo effect, use the Gradient Map adjustment layer. Choose sepia color tones for the gradient.
–- But what is the color code for sepia? The sepia color code is 704214

What colour is sepia in Photoshop? You can use the sepia color chart to choose tones of brown.

–- Our action pack contains Sepia Photoshop filter with 8 different sepia color effects.
–- So, to create an old photo effect simply play one of the sepia actions. Then make adjustments to create the look that you like best.
–- The pack contains 8 actions that you can edit and customize.
–- The action stops for you to choose the sepia color tones and the contrast of the image.
–- After the action ends all the layer and adjustments are intact. So, you can edit the sepia effect.
–- Double click on the thumbnail of the adjustment layer (Gradient Map, Hue/Saturation, Levels) to edit the sepia color and other effects.
Vignette Photoshop Effect
–- To create a realistic vintage photo, beside the sepia filter, the action also adds a realistic photo vignette.
–- You can edit the Photoshop vignette, change the opacity, the size or remove it.

Film Grain Photoshop Effect
–- The sepia action also adds a film grain effect using the Noise filter.
–- By adding the sepia Photoshop filter, the photo vignette and the film grain effect the action creates a realistic old photograph.

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