CreativeMarket – 1575 Lightroom Presets Bundle 2964730

CreativeMarket – 1575 Lightroom Presets Bundle 2964730

PS, LR | 26.44 MB

This bundle contains 1375 Adobe Lightroom Presets and 200 Adobe Photoshop Camera RAW presets, total 1575 presets. This bundle packed with total 16 product. Don’t hesitate to have this.


Are your shots lacking brightness, clarity, softness? Do you want creamy-dreamy pastel tones but still vibrant? This bundle was accurately tested on a variety of images, this is just perfect for your summer travels, winter travels for fashion and lifestyle shots as was made thinking of instagram feed and lifestyle blogs where you can have different situations. If you’re a modern wedding photographer searching for absoluate presets, this is a modern bundle of presets which will give your shooting a professional and esthetic look and feel.


Overexposed images
Underexposed images
Low quality images
FORMAT [ Include in ZIP ]


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