CreativeMarket – Digital Makeup Kit for Photoshop 2943309

CreativeMarket – Digital Makeup Kit for Photoshop 2943309

ABR ATN | 1.52 MB

Makeup kit to create a digital make up for your subject. Includes 5 actions: lipstick (6 colors), bronzer, eye shadow (7 colors), blush (6 colors), hair (5 colors). The set also includes 8 pairs of eyelash brushes and 4 brow hair brushes to thicken and shape the eye brows.

Actions Run the action, paint on the groups inverted layer mask with white soft brush and toggle on/off the visibility of the layers in the group to test different color option. Adjust the opacity if needed.

Brushes Pick the lash brush (named right and left) and sample the color of the subjects current lash color, size the brush to fit the subject. After adding the lashes you can rotate and warp them to fit properly. You can adjust the opacity if needed.

To use the brow hairs, sample the brow color, select the brush and start adding the hairs. You can use an eraser with a soft tip to shape and clean up the brow.

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