CreativeMarket – Jason’s SketchBook Pro Brushes

CreativeMarket – Jason’s SketchBook Pro Brushes

Sketchbook Brushes | 55 MB

Jason’s SketchBook Pro Art & Landscape Brushes

UPDATED March 2017 – now with 15 new art brushes including inks, paints and dry media!

Featuring a series of carefully crafted art brushes AND a whole range of landscape and nature-themed brushes designed to give rapid form and texture to your work. This is a superb brush set for anyone looking to turn the speed and streamlined nature of Autodesk SketchBook Pro into a powerful tool for quickly producing general painterly work and landscape concepts – they also serve as a fantastic base from which to start your own brush experiments.

Currently Consisting of over 320 seperate brushes in themed subsets including art brushes, foliage, trees, rock, grasses, ground surfaces, clouds, snow and more, these brushes will be added to and refined over time and future updates to this set will be free to all purchasers.

The purchased zip file includes the brushes organised into themed sets (which can be individually loaded into Sketchbook Pro or removed as necessary), a usage license, full brush stroke guides (hi-res JPEGs) and a tips sheet (PDF).

PLEASE NOTE: These brushes will ONLY work with the latest full subscription versions of SketchBook Pro on Windows and Mac OS. A pressure sensitive graphics tablet or equivalent input device is also essential for them to function correctly. They were created with a Wacom Intuos tablet on a desktop PC and have also been tested on a Surface Pro 4 tablet with the second generation Surface Pen.

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