Elektra- Cinematic Color Presets Mavic Pro Edition

Elektra- Cinematic Color Presets Mavic Pro Edition

.CUBE LUTs | 64 MB

Includes 12 cinematic color presets
Designed specifically for the Mavic Pro D-Log color profile
Streamline post-production workflow
Easy to use in all the industry’s top editing software
Includes video tutorials on how to get started

PolarPro’s Elektra Color Presets provide a range of easy to use color styles for creating cinematic looks to your videos. Developed specifically for shooting in D-log, users can harness the power of more dynamic range for the highest quality playback possible. The Elektra bundle offers a creative range of Look Up Tables or “LUTs” to fit the mood and themes of any video project. Whether looking to streamline your post production workflow, or simply bring more cinematic qualities to you content, Elektra will help you bring your footage to life.

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