GraphicRiver – Master Digital Painting – PS Action

GraphicRiver – Master Digital Painting – PS Action

Photoshop ATN | CS6+ | 17 MB

1. English version of Photoshop:

(Go to Edit > Preferences > UI Language > English) *If you do not have the English version then close Photoshop and Go to C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop “version”Locales”Open the language folder”Support Files and rename the file “tw10428.dat” into “tw10428.bak” or “tw10428.dat” into “tw20428.dat” and Open Photoshop.

2. RGB Color and 8 Bits/Channel checked:

(Go to Image > Mode and check RGB Color and 8 Bits/Channel options).

3. “Copy” Added:

Go to Layers , Click on icon in upper right corner and go to Layers Panel Options and check “Add “copy” to Copied Layers and Groups”.

4. Photoshop have to have the Oil Paint filter:

(Go to Filter Menu > Oil Paint… or Filter Menu > Stylize > Oil Paint…)

Files Included:
ATN files:

MDP Action.atn > Normal version
MDP Action (Without Camera Raw).atn > Open if your version of photoshop doesn’t have Camera Raw installed.
MDP Action (CC+).atn > Open if your Oil Paint filter is located in Filter > Stylize > Oil Paint..
MDPSamples > Apply the effect over these ones.

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