GraphicRiver – Pablo the Pixel Art Builder

GraphicRiver – Pablo the Pixel Art Builder

Photoshop PSD, Photoshop ATN | 7.8 MB

Compatibility: CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC.

Isometric pixel art designing process was time-consuming before today; users would have to draw each of the pixels individually. Now you can focus on drawing only simplest shapes and ask Pablo, the Pixel Art Builder (Photoshop add-on), to do the hardest part for you: set proper perspective, lighting and illusion of depth. With your little help Pablo can do even more – convert photos into isometric pixel art. Nice, huh?

The whole building process is quick and simple: 1. apply new direction 2. set lighting 3. extrude!

Each effect is placed on single layer, so you can edit that every time. Pablo works with any size and resolution.

You have full control over building process. You can choose:

direction (eg. front left)
colors of lights and shadows
extruding direction and depth
colors of additional edges.

You draw – Pablo builds. It can’t be simpler!

Moreover, you can draw anything you want. Possibilities are endless. With Pablo you can design game art, icons, logos, illustrations, web buttons, infographics, flyers, covers, presentations, extrude floorplans and decorate them… It’s like having Photoshop custom pixel bricks factory. Your imagination is the limit.

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