Missy Meyer’s Maker’s Dozen Font Bundle! 3516208.7z

Missy Meyer’s Maker’s Dozen Font Bundle! 3516208

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Exclusively at The Hungry JPEG as part of their top 100 designer celebration, here’s my MAKER’S DOZEN font bundle! I’ve chosen a variety of fonts from my shop, including several bestsellers and personal favorites. From script fonts to handwriting fonts to sharp sans-serif and slab serif options, kid fonts to adult fonts, I’ve included a little bit of everything! And I’ve tried to include fonts that can mix and match with each other, so you can pair within the bundle!

Just for crafters and makers, I’ve made sure to select fonts that are extensively cleaned up and adjusted, to make them easy to cut from any material, but also sharp to print. If you haven’t heard of me, this is a great entry bundle to my work; if you’re already a fan, there may be some gems here you don’t have yet!

This bundle includes:

Candlepin Monogram
Cheesy Grits (2 styles)
Cherry Cordial
Gray Skies
Juicy Gossip
King Basil
MacGuffin (4 styles)
Meddling Kids (2 styles)
Mossy Rock (3 styles, each in 2 weights)
Starch (10 styles)
Trillian (3 styles)
And a surprise 13th font as a thank you: Ankle Biter Print!

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