The Fontastic Bundle 3516001.7z

The Fontastic Bundle 3516001
OTF | TTF | 10.7 Mb

The Fontastic Bundle is available now! This bundle is included 17 different font files with extras graphic elements all for the price of one!

What’s included in this bundle?

Eusthalia Clean.otf
Eusthalia Clean.ttf
Eusthalia Stamped.otf
Eusthalia Stamped.ttf
Anthasic Swashes & Leaves (Bonus).otf
Anthasic Swashes & Leaves (Bonus).ttf
Swashes & Leaves Vector ( in .eps & .svg)
Boatman Regular (.otf & .ttf)
Boatman Outline (.otf & .ttf)
Boatman Stamped (.otf & .ttf)
Boatman Extras (Ornament) (.otf, .ttf, .eps, .ai)
Royaland Clean.otf
Royaland Clean.ttf
Royaland Rough.otf
Royaland Rough.ttf
Pharosi Regular.otf
Pharosi Regular.ttf
Manhattan Brush Script.otf
Manhattan Brush Script.ttf
Manhattan Swash (.otf & .ttf)
Matane Script Regular.otf
Matane Script Regular.ttf
Matane Swash.otf
Matane Swash.ttf
Better Signature.otf
Better Signature.ttf
The Blendhes.otf
The Blendhes.ttf
Eusthalia Sans (OTF & TTF)
Eusthalia Sans Stamped (OTF & TTF)
Eusthalia Sans Slant (OTF & TTF)

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